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Saturday, 27 December 2014

And I decided to Face the Consequences...!

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We, group of 6 naughty 12 years old kids, having the same thoughts altogether, waited patiently for the Ramu Kaka to go to sleep in his hut. It is his daily routine. He takes rest for 2 hours in his hut, situated inside the garden, and as soon as he slept, we began to execute our master plan. 

Hi, I am VP, and my friends call me Fattu.

 I fear, doing any wrong work, but the greed of ripe sweet mangoes and arguments of my friend won over my conscience and here I am, part of the team, busy in stealing mangoes from Ramu Kaka’s garden.

“Ramu Kaka is very strict man, he never gives us a single fruit. There is no wrong from stealing from his garden. Don’t you think much and watch the hut of Ramu Kaka, if anything wrong happens, you give us a signal”, Pradeep said to me.

And the remaining guilt of stealing was supressed further.

1.5 Hrs, and all went quite well and we all got our share of around 6-7 kg mangoes per person. I was given 10 fruits extra to encourage me to be in their group activities in future.
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We went to our favorite hiding spot, where we spent our time after bunking the school.

“Don’t tell  truth to your parents, how you got these mangoes”, Avinash told.

“Why”, I asked.

“Because you will be beaten very badly, and we will also”, Pradeep showed me his angry face.

“OK!”, I said.

The meeting-cum-raiding mango was over.

I began to walk towards my home. I was in dilemma. To tell the truth and got punishment or tell a lie that I bought them from market from my saved pocket money of two month.

I thought, the way to home to be long forever, but it was not. And I came face to face to my father, much strict person.

“Where you got these?”, he asked.

My mind and heart were fighting. I imagined the punishment, but somehow I overcome the fear of it. I will face the consequences of telling the truth. I have done wrong, and I should bear punishment.

“I stole”, I said. My eyes were down.

This would be shock to him, a judge in district court, and his son is a thief.

His face was red, red with anger.

I saw, his right hand moving up.

I closed my eyes, waiting for slap on my cheek.

Image Source: http://www.ahaparenting.com/img/iStock_son_father_350.jpg

But he touched my head lovingly, and said, “Son!, everybody does mistake, but understanding, accepting, telling the truth and facing consequences make a man great, I am happy, you have the courage for it.”

I felt, the burden on my heart released and I made a promise to myself, never to do any wrong work knowingly and always telling the truth. 

This post is written for the enry for Happy Hours  "Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein"

- V. P. "Naadan"


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