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Monday, 14 November 2016

Silence provokes..!!!

Sun was going to set down, far, very far, beyond the horizon. He was on the top of the hill, on a large rock and below his feet, just one step further, a vertical slope, almost 90 degree, so that the base of hill can be seen, so that from there he can see very far,  his power plant, his township, villages, cluster of trees, green fields. 

He sees chimney ejecting the smoke and witness of changing them in to black clouds, taking strange but familiar shapes for some moment, which were similar to rainy ones, but they were having no water, in their heart, they were having the ashes of coal, blackness, dryness, CO2 in scientific language. Human being has changed everything, even clouds and they are artificial and no one can guess, what they have inside, just like himself, no one knows, who has inside what.
And they disperse again and change in to some another shapes, like human being, taking different role in different time, different place, to gain as much as profit he can gain. Nothing is permanent, nothing is immortal. Today or tomorrow, everything is going to change. Change is law of nature, law of life, law of universe. Time changes everything,  then why he can’t change, he has to change, after all he is also part of this changing world. Perhaps he doesn’t want to change himself.
He can still see the sun, going to disappear and the beauty of the moment, the chirping of the birds, going in hurry back to their nest, to meet their younger ones, he should also go back to meet her, his dearest ones. He sees the silence the relaxation in every living thing in the area, trees, grass, getting relief from the burning sun and the orange colored son is falling on them, cool air flowing there, on stones, on the grass of the hill, making everything beautiful and still he is standing on the dangerous vertical rock, on the top of the hill, one mistake, and he would fall and…..but he likes the danger..he likes the fearful sensation of the height. 
He likes the fear and wants to experience all of them. Pleasure doesn’t make him satisfied or he has no pleasure left in his life, who knows.

He looks down, amazed, no thoughts for this moment, there is no sun light there. For people, below the hill, sun has already set down, evening has come and soon darkness will spread all over, but why should he care, in his life, already darkness has prevailed everywhere. But there are some moments still to set down the sun and sun is going to disappear at the place, where sky and earth are kissing each other, but he knows, they never meet each other, like he and she will never meet again.
He picks up a stone, lying near his feet and with his full strength he throws up in the water of the small pond, flowing from hidden waterfall of the hill. He has drunk the water before in a cone of a big leaf, a very strange but sweet taste of the water and he was drinking it again and again.
Stone falls in the pond and he shouted in excitement, in pleasure.
He became succeed. Stone falls in the middle of the pond, creating ripples, in form of small circle, soon spreading in whole in big, in bigger circle, making leaves, weeds vibrating with the disturbance and soon they disappear after final collision against the bank of the pond and then everywhere silence again in the pond. His life was in silence, then waves of events, occupying his life and then shaking him up and down, and then he too has silence, dead silence, which makes him restless to do, which a normal human never does.

Is is going insane?
The Silence provokes???!!

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