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Monday, 27 April 2020

Thank You my life

what i write? how i write, when there are so many thoughts, hovering over my mind, when there are so many questions appearing in my mind, when my faith in everything has sunk to such low point, when my life has turned down by none other than the person i chose to be my life.

who i blame?
or family?

but in all of this, the losses have been mine, my life got destroyed, my dreams got shattered, my home got burnt down in to ashes.

i gave you candle to lighten my house, and you burnt down my house, which i made only for you. thank you my dear. thank you very much. thank you for all the pain you have given me and still doing all of this.

thank you life.

sometimes i think i should end my life to end all this suffering.
what is benefit of all this achievement in life?
what is benefit of being top of my career, position, money, when you have destroyed our life, our personal life?
i am breaking down to the point, i cant recover, i cant save myself. i am supposed to save my parents, my brother, by the atrocities you and your family has done and still doing now, but how I do it? when i myself is broken beyond repair. when i am breaking each moment, by your deceit, your lies, your negativeness, your bad intentions, your BAD KARMAs, how do i supposed to uplift them, i can't, i am defeated. i am lost. i am broken into million little pieces and i cant recollect myself and remade myself as a new person.
i want to die, i really want to die, dying each and every Moment, i want to end my suffering. I cant tell it to any one. Only thing which is stopping me to do it is duty towards my parents. if i take any such steps, they will broke down. i have to live for them.

thank you for making me so weak in life, thank you for destroying me to such extent.

Monday, 13 February 2017

The reason of so much unsatisfaction?

I asked, "what is the reason of so much un-satisfaction?"

He replied, "Because we all are slave of our limitless cravings and desires....!"

Friday, 10 February 2017

Today is the day...!

The little problems of life make us worried and agitated. We have no patience at all. We need everything just now. Mind has become the warehouse of worries. Not for a single moment we are free. 
What has happened to us?

I need to find a long term goal to overcome the fluctuations of the little failure of life. I have to attain calmness. This too shall pass...! I have to set my priorities. My long term goals in life to sustain the cyclone of short term failures in life.

No one but I am responsible for all my destiny. I am fortunate to get this human life and I should not waste this on mundane worries. What will happen? Today or tomorrow we all have to perish. Today or tomorrow we all have to die. Today or tomorrow we all have to leave everything we accumulate here in this world. Nothing goes with us afterlife. Worries of future is worthless. We never know what will happen in life. Even we don't know If the next moment will be our last or not. Still we live like we are going to live forever.

I have to balance my mind and keep my cool to maintain perfect equanimity. 
Yes... today I have decided my long term goal. I will cling to that. Nothing matters except peace of my mind and my happiness. I have to progress towards my long term goal.

The stark reality...!

The stark reality is that There is no purpose of life...!!
Success or failure, Today or tomorrow everything becomes so irrelevant....!!!
We often cling to certain things at a point of time.....but someday when we look back at those cravings....we find that they were so mundane yet they consumed our happiness.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Haiku: Those risks I didn't Take...!

Those risks, I didn't take,
whole life in eyes, I repent,
helpless on death bed.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

50 Words Poem: Life lessons: Right effort at right time is necessary for being successful..!

It does not matter, 
how intelligent you are, 
It does not matter, 
From how high lineage you belong to,
It does not matter,
How much ancestral property you have.

If you loose vision,
you loose discipline,
you loose a aspiration,
and if you mock Life,
Life will mock you harder.

 I dread opening my Facebook account. A wave of frustration, jealousy and hopelessness drown me every time I open my FB.

Being a hardcore Capricorn, who aspires to reach high and higher, but being stuck at nowhere makes me wonder why I can't leave this place.

Benefit of a Coveted elite engineering college, I got Campus Placement  in one of the most coveted Job (Hyped that time) PSU (Govt. Company) job. And I was happy, I thought my days of problems are over. The four years of hard work has finally paid off and I can relax now.

Two three days went and finally on the Sunday, I went to nearby park/historical place/Shekchili ka makabara and sat alone on the roof and started thinking about future.

Deep down, I thought, I can't stay in the same company for my whole life. I am born wanderer. I hate being stick to any thing for long. I easily get bored. If I like something, I do it till the limit of my exhaustion and then I leave it aside. I never had a passion for so long. I know I have to change, I have lot to do to change myself.

 I can't live in this company for whole life, max 2-3 years, to get off the bond period and I will move, I was confident, but haven't prepared for future course of actions.

I joined so called dream company, 9 month classroom training, no exposure of real work, which I have to do afterwards, the so much freedom after the strict restrained college life, I was relaxed, and I thought of settling down here for now. I closed my eyes.

He who never respect time, he get punished by life afterwards.

Training was over, and I was thrown to some remote location of India,  at a power plant construction site and I fall from seven skies. Here the basic problems like getting food, water, a good place to sleep, in spite of getting a good amount of money in my bank account hitted me. Don't ask about other luxuries of Shopping mall and movies hall.

I put myself in the work, the desire to learn. one year passed by and then I realized I am not made for it. There is nothing new here, same mundane work, nothing to keep me interested for long. I began to loose my interest from work.

People when talk about my college, they say, what you are doing here?
I hated myself for loosing my discipline and future aspirations. I found myself in nowhere. What to do now?

I thought of leave the company, but the fear of society and the expectation of my parents and the fear and lost confidence in myself, I couldn't do that.

I became neutral towards everything. towards life. I began to talk less and lesser, to the people I used to talk, and after sometime, I even don't give any reaction to the people I met on daily basis, like they are stranger to me.

I was going into deep depression. I felt my life to be meaningless.
Being stuck at a place, and couldn't have courage to do anything to improve your condition, I felt just a failure to myself.

I thought of preparing for some examinations. IAS, the rough and busy 24*7 duty of plant, when I used to get called in the midnight in case of power failure, i didn't dare to start preparation for it.

I didn't have patience to prepare for so long. I needed something quick solution to get me out of this f**king place. It is draining me out. I feel like I am loosing myself. I am loosing my confidence, my morale, my aptitude, my strong will  power. The persons, less intelligent than me began to mock me.
Deep down  I used to cry in my heart, only solution is to leave this place. I am at wrong place.
Then CAT, MBA, the quick solution, being a Hindi medium student till 12th, I was little bit less confidence about my English sections.

without a single day preparation, I wrote CAT and got 98% in aptitude and a shame 37% in English sections.

I was devastated. I felt like it is not cup of my tea. I left hope for the future. I became a robot. Every day in the morning, used to wake up just before the office time, hurriedly did my daily chores and ran to the office without breakfast. I was never a foodie, I used to eat peacefully, what is being in front of me. But the quality of food here, i couldn't eat it, just two three bite and then either I ate forcibly or used to left the plate.

the effect of eating less and lesser created another problems, physically i began to exhaust. At night, i was unable to sleep. what to do? where to run? Very bad thoughts began to come in my mind. Life is meaningless and so on.......!

again 10 months passed on and again 2 months to next CAT examinations, i filled up the form and then thought of preparing seriously. I read and read and read Novels, English series, newspapers. everywhere like a manic. My ego was hurt.

and I wrote CAT second time. A 97.xx overall, 99.xx in English, but without practice in aptitude, i got 96.xx in that. Not a single call from IIMs. I knew it was all my fault. But i couldn't prepare for more than two months.

Next year the same repeated. but somehow I got from middle IIMs and converted them, but denied study leave from the company. People from other plants were getting it, but here I was denied without any reason explained. That day I understood the power of Jugaad/Jack and how it works.

5 Years and I couldn't resigned to join IIM due to family/self pressure.
And thought of taking GMAT.

And I never wrote GMAT. I am such a coward. Now I have no interest in any thing.

I am hopeless. I have no interest towards my work. I do it just for the sake of money i am getting. I have no aspiration in the company.

Life has come to a dead end. What to do, I can't decide.
I know I can't live like this. I am drowning myself into destruction.
Where is my destiny?
What is my fault?
This endless depression, when it will leave me?

So,  Right effort at right time is necessary for being successful in life..!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Haiku: Promises

Indian Bloggers
How I am liable, 
Promises I never made,
Punishment you gave.

                                        - VP  "नादान"

Monday, 23 January 2017

HINDI KAVITA : वो सन्नाट अँधेरा, दूर करूँ कैसे, ये तो बता देते, जाते-जाते।

Indian Bloggers

लाख दीये जला लूँ , रोशनी से भर दूँ, आशियाना अपना।
वो खालीपन, वो सन्नाट अँधेरा, दिल में जो बैठा है घर किये। 
तेरे जाने के बाद, दूर करूँ कैसे, ये तो बता देते, जाते-जाते । 

- VP  "नादान "

Saturday, 21 January 2017

तुम कभी तो आओगे, आखिरी बार मिलने को.....

अब भी तेरी यादों में 
ये दिल मेरा तड़पता है,
तुम कभी तो आओगे,
आखिरी बार मिलने को,
बस इसी आस में 
रास्ते को यूँ ही तकता हूँ। 

                                       - VP  "नादान"

की कभी तो पढ़ लोगे, तुम मेरे दिल की हर दास्तां

लबों को खामोश कर दिया,
पर आँखों को कैसे रोकता,
की कभी तो पढ़ लोगे,
तुम मेरे दिल की हर दास्तां,
ना  हम कुछ कह ही सके,
ना चुप रह ही सके। 

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

कविता: आँखों ने ख़ुदबख़ुद सारी बातें कह डालीं।

 उलझन थी, 
मिलने की पहली बार में,
जाने तुम्हे क्या पूछूँ, 
क्या बोलूँ  अपने बारे में?

मिले हम तुम,
ना  तुमने कुछ पूछा, 
ना मैंने कुछ कहा,
आँखों ने ख़ुदबख़ुद सारी बातें कह डालीं।

Monday, 9 January 2017

बस हलके से लबो से छुआ, कहीं तुम मीठे सपनों से जग ना जाओ।

और सुबह की पहली सुनहली किरण,
जब तेरे प्यारे मुखड़े पे पड़ी।
कुछ यूँ  ही रह गया देखता मैं,
तुम सच में हो या देखता मैं स्वपन कोई।

तेरे गुलाबी अधर, 
बंद पलकें।

चाहा बहुत रोक लूँ ,
 ना रोक सका खुद को। 

बस हलके से लबो से छुआ,
कहीं तुम मीठे सपनों से जग ना जाओ।

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Hello Friends, Finally I am on facebook..! Join me..!

Hello Friends,
Finally I am on Facebook.
 Be my friend at: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100014947114096
Join My blog page at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vplostsoul/

Heartily Gratitude to all of you from VP (The Lost Soul)

Day by day,
I rambled,
and you keep talking,
and caring,
watching me,
and maturing,
as a person,
and as a blogger.

Like you always said,
keep it up,
open your emotions,
pen your thoughts,
And best of luck,
for all endeavors in your life.

 This is just Heartily Gratitude,
to all fellow bloggers,
to all unseen strangers,
who became friends
in the journey.

I wish,
I could have thanked you as in person,
Again Thank You all.

VP (The Lost soul)

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Does The God exist? or not?

And he replied, " I can answer you in two contradictory ways"

1st:  The God doesn't exit, man is the master of his own destiny, it's mere imagination of mankind, because he fears to give all credit to himself.

2nd:  There is nothing but The God, the almighty, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, and mankind is mere the puppet of his hand.

Which one should I follow?

He smiled, "I can't answer you that. But what ever belief you choose, hold it till the end. And you will find your salvation".

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Friday, 30 December 2016

Theory of evolution of Human being...!

I Asked, "What is the theory of evolution of Human being?"

And he replied:

Initially You were never different than animals,
food, kill, fight and reproduction.
Yes! you were the same to same 
As the other living creatures in this world.
Then One day You became curious,
and you began to analyze things around you,
and you began to fear about certain things,
and you began to discover things to full-fill your needs.
But still you are same to same,
As any other living creatures do, 
Moving around in herd,
for security, unity and shelter.

I became Impatient.
Then When and How?

And He smiled,
The day You generated emotions,
The day you started empathy,
The day you believed in the almighty,
The day you prayed for the well being of the whole world,
The day you began to differentiate between good and evil,
The day You began to do good to others unconditionally,
The day You find peace at live and let live, The very simple life's principle.
You are truly evolved as a human being..!

But the real question is,
Are you??

And I was silent..!
Am I really a evolved human being?
May be!
I consoled myself,
Or may be I lied..!
May be some day,
Or may be not..!

Are you worthy of your dreams??

And he replied:
"Either have a courage to make your dreams true, or don't dream too much. They are not for weak persons".

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Fear of changes...!

Why do I feel like, I am close to no body. Hiding even the tiniest emotions and thoughts from everybody. Independence, no boundation, no stings, no back links, like completely alone in a whole crowd, like a stranger in a town fair, faces of different colors, people of different types, but I don't know them, or avoiding them, or ignoring them. What has happened to me. I hadn't wanted to end up like the way I have become.

Yes, change is the need and law of the world, with time every thing changes, but I am not even having control over myself, the way I have evolved. Alone, aloof, and the worst part is I don't want to change myself, even knowing that this is drowning me inside.

Perhaps I have lost faith on myself, and there is no one else to blame for. Life is not bed of roses and every body don't get what he wants. And we have to compromise and have to learn to be happy in what we have got. And we must learn to appreciate the little things we got, and be happy in that.

But I am too greedy, business mind person. I want every thing in my life perfect, which can't be achieved otherwise.

And I have nothing to say, share, discuss with people, even close to me, like complete void in my mind, blankness, nothing is there, totally black, and I hate it to show them how alone I feel inside. A constant feeling of failure haunts me, like I am underachiever or something.

I know I need to relax myself, I should open myself, I have to change myself, But I fear the changes.

May be some day I will, but when I don't know !!!

Sunday, 25 December 2016

The true purpose of life....!!

At the end of the day, everybody is going to the same place, that's 6 feet underground, with none of the material possessions he has craved for, lied for, fought for and collected. All remains here, and he goes empty handed, they why there is so much fuss about all the materialistic achievements?

When none of these are permanent, none of the relations are with you forever, then why you are proud of yourself. Why proud, jealous or even craving, when today or tomorrow, everybody you love, everybody you hate, everybody you crave, everybody you ignore is going to leave you any way.

"Then what is the purpose of life?", he sounded confused.

"To love yourself truly, validate yourself. because throughout your life, you alone will be your true companion and everyone else is going to leave you sooner or later. So the most important thing is love yourself, place yourself ahead of everything, everyone, even your goals and aims. If you do, then only you will do justice to others things, persons, goals in your life, otherwise all will just go in vein.", The sage replied and closed his eyes.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Is it real: No desires, no passion, no expectation, no jealously...nothing is there....!

Day by day life is getting more complicated. Am I taking life too seriously or really it is getting harder and harder? The biggest loss is I have lost my dreams. No dreams at all. I fear having a dream. No dream at all. No expectation. No goal. Nothing from life, world or person. A saddening loneliness prevails in my mind. A habit to live alone has kept me so deep that I fear even intermingling with people I don't like. It's like i don't want to put mask on my face, It's like I have become straightforward and don't fit in the rules of world. to be pretend to something else. May be world has moved so fast,  People are more practical and I am being too childish or idealist I don't know.

Today or tomorrow, every body you think you are close to is going to hurt you knowingly or unknowingly and its true somehow I am thinking to believe over it.

A deep loss, I have lost my passion. I fear moving to unknown territories of any type. Fears of failures haunt me even when they have not come yet. Past experiences have kept their effect on me so badly, I am unable to take decisions right now. I now doubt my decisions, based on outcomes of my previous decisions, weather the next one I will take, will be better for me or not, I don't know.

A flair, a motivation may be negative or positive, a competitive attitude, jealousy, learning....nothing is left with me....only a cold dead attitude of letting everything go.....let it be as it is....like i am  defeated. A sadness has scared so deep in my heart, it is unable to heal anyhow.

I see, people are moving ahead in their life, but with me, I am stuck fully, no desires, no dreams. nothing. this so cold attitude, i dread over so much changes in me.

Desires I have lost them. is it sign of concern or I am getting mature?

I am getting so f***g insane...!! The self discovery is haunting.....! Is it the reality of life??

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Why there is so much hate, despair and disturbance in place of Love, happiness and peace???

A newbie is born due to love...and People spread love for that !


An old dies and again the people love and pray for him more and more !

 Then in between...


what happens to world, to people, to Human being,
 that they spread hate, despair and disturbance in place of Love, happiness and peace.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Silence provokes..!!!

Sun was going to set down, far, very far, beyond the horizon. He was on the top of the hill, on a large rock and below his feet, just one step further, a vertical slope, almost 90 degree, so that the base of hill can be seen, so that from there he can see very far,  his power plant, his township, villages, cluster of trees, green fields. 

He sees chimney ejecting the smoke and witness of changing them in to black clouds, taking strange but familiar shapes for some moment, which were similar to rainy ones, but they were having no water, in their heart, they were having the ashes of coal, blackness, dryness, CO2 in scientific language. Human being has changed everything, even clouds and they are artificial and no one can guess, what they have inside, just like himself, no one knows, who has inside what.
And they disperse again and change in to some another shapes, like human being, taking different role in different time, different place, to gain as much as profit he can gain. Nothing is permanent, nothing is immortal. Today or tomorrow, everything is going to change. Change is law of nature, law of life, law of universe. Time changes everything,  then why he can’t change, he has to change, after all he is also part of this changing world. Perhaps he doesn’t want to change himself.
He can still see the sun, going to disappear and the beauty of the moment, the chirping of the birds, going in hurry back to their nest, to meet their younger ones, he should also go back to meet her, his dearest ones. He sees the silence the relaxation in every living thing in the area, trees, grass, getting relief from the burning sun and the orange colored son is falling on them, cool air flowing there, on stones, on the grass of the hill, making everything beautiful and still he is standing on the dangerous vertical rock, on the top of the hill, one mistake, and he would fall and…..but he likes the danger..he likes the fearful sensation of the height. 
He likes the fear and wants to experience all of them. Pleasure doesn’t make him satisfied or he has no pleasure left in his life, who knows.

He looks down, amazed, no thoughts for this moment, there is no sun light there. For people, below the hill, sun has already set down, evening has come and soon darkness will spread all over, but why should he care, in his life, already darkness has prevailed everywhere. But there are some moments still to set down the sun and sun is going to disappear at the place, where sky and earth are kissing each other, but he knows, they never meet each other, like he and she will never meet again.
He picks up a stone, lying near his feet and with his full strength he throws up in the water of the small pond, flowing from hidden waterfall of the hill. He has drunk the water before in a cone of a big leaf, a very strange but sweet taste of the water and he was drinking it again and again.
Stone falls in the pond and he shouted in excitement, in pleasure.
He became succeed. Stone falls in the middle of the pond, creating ripples, in form of small circle, soon spreading in whole in big, in bigger circle, making leaves, weeds vibrating with the disturbance and soon they disappear after final collision against the bank of the pond and then everywhere silence again in the pond. His life was in silence, then waves of events, occupying his life and then shaking him up and down, and then he too has silence, dead silence, which makes him restless to do, which a normal human never does.

Is is going insane?
The Silence provokes???!!

Purpose of life????


Emptiness has prevailed in my heart. Complete emptiness, neither love nor hate, neither optimism, nor pessimism has any place in my heart.

Am i alive or living without a life ?

What is the purpose of human life?


Just to born, get education, get job, get married, become parents, earn money, create wealth, become old and die, and after 2 generation no1 will ever remember that I ever existed in the past?

Do this all true purpose of human life?

Do I think in such way or every body else?

Is it philosophical attitude or I am  running away from reality???

Am I going insane ????

May be, may be not.....!

Black Hole...!


Frustration, anger and hopelessness is consuming my life. I am stuck, stuck, life has become stagnated.

I see, people are going ahead in life, but i am like the second needle of wall clock stuck, trying to move, but it doesn't get ahead.

Something is wrong with me or situations are wrong. I try hard, had, harder, but somehow, all my efforts are getting in vein.

I don't want everything from my life but at least kuch  to mile, jiske liye main apna full effort de rha hu.

Some times I think, all is written, Some one is playing  and messing up with our life, we are all toys, actors of his play, like he knows what will be outcome, but we don't.

All my dreams are shattering like broken glass. why, where was my fault? I try to find, but I find none.
Pessimism has become my natural tendency, I don't find excitement in my life any more.


Life has become a black hole, like I am bored to hell.


Life has become aimless. No long term goal, nothing, just a boredom, going to work, coming back,  eating, sleeping then again same routine follows. I have tried to change, but not a single endeavor of mine has been converted into success.

People remember only the success stories. They give example of them.

I have tried but when you don't get what you want, a numbness, a lethargy, a passive attitude overpowers you  and you leave making further effort.

Now I am not having any goal, Not a single dream, failure has made me a negative person and I have left any hope to be rise again.

Somewhere I read: He who faces the more difficulties, the more hardship, he goes more higher in his life, but I am broken completely, broken to the point that I can't get repaired.

My heart is broken, Into how may pieces, I can't even count and remember.

No desire, No fighting, just accepting my defeat.

Every day I think of changing my attitude, Every day I try to find my passion, but I am lost, I am lost completely.
I see people, I see their faces, I know them, but no greetings, No Hi, Hello, like I am absentminded.

I am here, but I am not.

I am lost.....Lost to the point I can't find myself anywhere.

I am wounded....wounded to the point I can't be healed.

I am alone.....alone to the point I can't find company of any one comforting.

Some times I have confessed some one I liked. It took me a very much effort to confess them, that I really like them, I was not having any expectation, I didn't want any thing in return, What hurted  me, was they understood me wrong.

Life is harsh...truly it is. You don't get what you like..... You have to settle down and have to like, what you have got. That is the harsh reality, that is the hard truth, either you accept or not...!

I try to find where I am, but I find myself lost, Lost but where, I don't know.

I am not happy, I am not satisfied, but it's like I have left hope, I have no wishes any more for anything. Just a passive attitude, a sense of emptiness, a sense of mindlessness, a feeling of neutral attitude. I am left with nothing, I have no regret for anything, neither I have any complaint from anything.

Only thing I think sometimes that whatever I wished from my heart, may be it's career, may be it's friendship, may be it's love, I am getting despair and nothing is going in right direction.

I wonder, if I am wrong or the world is.
I wonder, if I  am complicated or the world is.
I wonder if it's mine fault or the world is.

I hate showing my negative attitude, I hate showing my true color, I hate  showing my true nature, I hate showing my miserable condition, because I know, people will not help, they will make fun of me.

World is cruel, it helps them, who are in good luck, there is no position for the persons undergoing hardship in their life.

Am I really facing hardship? I wonder. Or it's just made in my mind.

But I have to change, I have to change...but the courage is lost.

A wonder, a miracle can save me..and I am waiting for that miracle.

May be, May be not....!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

who I love the most and who is in need of my love the most???


I asked, "who I love the most and who is in need of my love the most?"

He replied,"You".

"Yes You", he smiled.
Then he closed his eyes.

I waited patiently, confused, seemingly disappointed by his answer, contemplating the explanation of his answer.
Finally I broke, "Everyone loves himself and how he himself is in need of love the most?"

He laughed, a childlike simplicity and smile on his face.
"without loving yourself, you can't love any one truly. You need love of yourself the most. 
You need to accept yourself. 
You need to love yourself unconditionally. 
Then only you can do justice with the others. 
Then only you can love others unconditionally. Because love is not the give and take. 
If that is then that is not Love, 
That is something else. 
When you love yourself or know how to love yourself, you learn how to love unconditionally and that is the first and the last condition of Love, love without any condition and any expectation".

Monday, 7 November 2016

Handful of Golden Crops....!!

                           Field laden with ripe golden crops.....!

I will trade the whole goldmines of the world, just to have a handful of the golden grains.....!!!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Who a man fears the most???

I asked him," who a man fears the most?"

He smiled, "he, who fears the most, is himself. Basically The man needs always company of others to hide from himself, to run away from facing himself alone, because he can't fool & lie to his inner self....!"

Thursday, 4 August 2016


I asked, "Guruji, what is unchangeable? what is permanent?"

He replied, "Son!, nothing is permanent. Every thing you feel through your five plus one senses, all are intermittent.....! 

The earth, the sun, the galaxy, the universe, the time, the Gods, the beliefs & the feelings, all are changing". 

I curiously asked again, "then what is the ultimate truth? 

Isn't the search of enlightenment worthless?"

He laughed child-likely,"THE CHANGE".
I was confused.
"The change"???? 
Yes My Child, "THE CHANGE" is the universal, permanent & ultimate truth...! 
He, who realizes it, accepts it, understands it, is enlightened & at peace......!

Sunday, 31 July 2016


He looked at  the sage with contempt, and showed his kingdom, his palace, his chariot, his 100 queens.

Sage smiled, O dear child !!!!!, you too will go empty hand like every one else....!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Book Review: The Curse of Brahma by Jagmohan Bhanver (Krishna Trilogy #1)

Author: Jagmohan Bhanver
Genre: Mythological Fiction

Publisher: Rupa


Price: 295 INR
The man who became a brahmarishi....
The curse that banished him to the hell of hells....
And the revenge that threatens to destroy the three worlds.....

When Lord Brahma, the God of Creation, banishes his star pupil from Swaeglok in a fit of rage, he does not foresee that his decision will alter the fate of the three worlds. Mortally wounded, and anguished at Brahma's unfair punishment, his pupil struggles to survive in Tamastamah Prabha, the hell of hells. In time, he becomes the Dark Lord, the most feared figure in Pataal Lok, who she wears to destiny Brahma.

The power of the Dark Lord soon begins makes its presence felt in the mortal world. Vasudev, the brave prince of Bateshwar, becomes the hunter of Asura assassins; his closest friend, Kansaa, almost dies while trying to save his sister from a group of deadly monsters; and the most valiant kings in Mrityulok turn over to the dark side, driven by forces beyond their control.

Only one person threatens the Dark Lord's well-laid plans - Devki, the beautiful princess of madhuvan, who is destined to give birth to the warrior Krishna.

Will the Dark Lord allow Krishna - the person who has been prophesised to destriy him - to be born?
My Views:

As I got the book for an honest review, the first thing which attracted me, is the superb book cover, this book has. Now let's talk about the story:
This book 1st of the Krishna Trilogy, is basically story up to Krishna's birth, this is not the usual Lord Krishna's life story at all.
As in Indian mythology, we know the story of Lord Krishna, His maternal Uncle the Evil King Kansa, who after listening the prophecy that his sister's eighth son will kill him, imprisoned them and does his best to kill all children of Devki and Vasudeva.
But this novel tells a different hidden story behind turning of noble prince, who loved his sister devki very much, in to an evil king and why such a drastic change?
It tells the story of Amartya, bright pupil of Lord Brahma,
who was exiled by his teacher and who went on to become the most feared evil Lord - See more at: http://www.njkinnysblog.com/2015/11/book-review-curse-of-brahma-by-jagmohan.html#.dpuf
who, after exiled and sent to Pataal Lok by Brahma, changed from a Brahmarishi to the dark Lord Kalyanesu, and plans to seek revenge.
It tells the story of birth and childhood of Devki and Kansa, love affair of Devki and Vasudeva, the sacrifice of Kansa to save his beloved sister Devki, and his rebirth as an Asura, and being played in hand of evil forces.  
Overall It completely changes the evil characterization of Kansa, as we know earlier. 

It also asks questions about the evil and the good and wonders aren't they two sides of the same coin?
And most importantly it creates curious plot for the next part, hope we will soon have from the author.

Well I have disclosed very much the story line of the novel already. For much detail, grab a copy and read it.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Language & Editing: Readable but needs little tightening in narration here and there.

Story line: New vivid prospective about known characters of Indian mythology, promising, interesting plot full of drama. Some times it feels that novel should have been cut short to engage reader's interest through out the book.

Book review done for b00k r3vi3w

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