lost soul 2

Thursday, 13 November 2014

100 word story: Autobiography of a frog

I was born in this well, having enough food, family and protection. Still I find something missing. I thought of going outside, but people say, outside you have many dangers: danger of being eaten, lost, and killed.

I don’t have enough courage to face fears and dangers. I am habituated to my comfort zone.

But one day I came out of my well.
I ran from snake, hawk, owl. I faced hunger and separation, but in the end, I arrived at a pond near to my well to witness the beauty of the world, the sun, rainbow, and different seasons.

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An idealist, a perfectionist... perhaps i am rebel, or don't fit in the materialistic thoughts and norms of the world, i don't see the reason, why ppl are fighting, why everyone is not at peace??
I m keen lover of art, Love sketching, experimenting in photography, sometime i get swayed to follow my passion for art for full time, but  then...still i have to make arrangements for my livelihood.

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