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Sunday, 25 December 2016

The true purpose of life....!!

At the end of the day, everybody is going to the same place, that's 6 feet underground, with none of the material possessions he has craved for, lied for, fought for and collected. All remains here, and he goes empty handed, they why there is so much fuss about all the materialistic achievements?

When none of these are permanent, none of the relations are with you forever, then why you are proud of yourself. Why proud, jealous or even craving, when today or tomorrow, everybody you love, everybody you hate, everybody you crave, everybody you ignore is going to leave you any way.

"Then what is the purpose of life?", he sounded confused.

"To love yourself truly, validate yourself. because throughout your life, you alone will be your true companion and everyone else is going to leave you sooner or later. So the most important thing is love yourself, place yourself ahead of everything, everyone, even your goals and aims. If you do, then only you will do justice to others things, persons, goals in your life, otherwise all will just go in vein.", The sage replied and closed his eyes.

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An idealist, a perfectionist... perhaps i am rebel, or don't fit in the materialistic thoughts and norms of the world, i don't see the reason, why ppl are fighting, why everyone is not at peace??
I m keen lover of art, Love sketching, experimenting in photography, sometime i get swayed to follow my passion for art for full time, but  then...still i have to make arrangements for my livelihood.

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