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Friday, 10 February 2017

Today is the day...!

The little problems of life make us worried and agitated. We have no patience at all. We need everything just now. Mind has become the warehouse of worries. Not for a single moment we are free. 
What has happened to us?

I need to find a long term goal to overcome the fluctuations of the little failure of life. I have to attain calmness. This too shall pass...! I have to set my priorities. My long term goals in life to sustain the cyclone of short term failures in life.

No one but I am responsible for all my destiny. I am fortunate to get this human life and I should not waste this on mundane worries. What will happen? Today or tomorrow we all have to perish. Today or tomorrow we all have to die. Today or tomorrow we all have to leave everything we accumulate here in this world. Nothing goes with us afterlife. Worries of future is worthless. We never know what will happen in life. Even we don't know If the next moment will be our last or not. Still we live like we are going to live forever.

I have to balance my mind and keep my cool to maintain perfect equanimity. 
Yes... today I have decided my long term goal. I will cling to that. Nothing matters except peace of my mind and my happiness. I have to progress towards my long term goal.

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