lost soul 2

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

mystery still unsolved..!

I saw, I am sleeping on my bed, I feel free, I can go anywhere,  I am very light, even when my body is not moving, even it is in deep sleep, I began to relax. I began to analyse everything. 

I am happily surprised. I can analyze and see through past and present and can think much faster. I can control my thoughts much better. I moved out from my room. I saw the world. I saw people moving. 

I saw day and night passing and with them, one by one each day of life of mine, life of yours, life of every human being, life of every living creature, even life of non-living passing and one day each will fall, one day each will fade, one day time will close the present scene from its stage and will play a new drama, a new scene, with new characters and new story. 
We all are going to somewhere, may be in another world, may be in another dimension, may be in nowhere, but we all live, we all fight, we all crave for our limitless desires like we are here forever, and all our’s will be our’s for ever.

I am amused at the stupidity of human nature. Animals don’t give it a thought. Even a carnivore doesn’t kill all his prey greedily, he only does when he is hungry, even he doesn’t harm any one unnecessary, he only does when his territory is disturbed. 
Then where we so called intelligent creature Human being stand for? Why we all are running and collecting piles of material, which are also going to fade, as we are. 

For one second, I thought, am I dead? I didn’t feel horrified at this thought. It doesn’t seem to be so bad, if I am dead. But I am not. 
I am just seeing a dream, very unusual one. And somehow my mind, my soul is free to roam around.

I saw whole world is doing the same. Running, fighting, crying, craving, and then all ends and again a new world creates and then this process never ends, it is going on from very ancient time, still going on, and will be in future also.

Am I running away from my responsibilities?

I asked myself. No, I am not. People who are acquainted with me, know, I have done some good work, I have a decent job, I have a good salary, I am taking responsibility of mine, I am in process of collecting money, and all that, which it can buy. Overall I am not running behind the world, I am running in between them.

Then why, it seems, it is not, it was not, it can never be the ultimate goal of human being. Why it seems, we are not here for it? Why it seems, God has sent each one for some goals?

God, does it exists? 

I feel free. No fear, no guilty feeling to doubt the existence of god! I can question about him, about anything, and it’s my right to know the truth.

Tring Tring Tring…
I opened my eyes, three missed call from office! Lunch break is over..!
Boss calling!
And I came out of my room to go to office….!

Someday I will able to solve this mystery.

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