lost soul 2

Monday, 10 November 2014

100 words short story: I am Caterpillar...!!

I am such an ugly creature, I hate my shape, colour and size.
I am Caterpillar, always hungry.
I am very worried, so many creatures want to eat me. If I will be so vulnerable always?
I was complaining to my insect God..!
He never replied..!
Then one day I was in prison, dark, congested, nowhere to move, made by my own, in my cocoon, maybe I don't care anything anymore..!

Then one day I see the world...it’s beautiful....! Sun, flowers, air, and I can fly!
I know now that good things in life come, only after passing tough phases.

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An idealist, a perfectionist... perhaps i am rebel, or don't fit in the materialistic thoughts and norms of the world, i don't see the reason, why ppl are fighting, why everyone is not at peace??
I m keen lover of art, Love sketching, experimenting in photography, sometime i get swayed to follow my passion for art for full time, but  then...still i have to make arrangements for my livelihood.

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