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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Transition state…!

Transition state…! 
Whenever anything, may be living or non-living undergoes in transition phase…it is unstable and critical stage of his life time..... In case of human being, do you know the most critical and transition time? It is in the age of 25-30 years. When you have spent 4-5 years away from your graduation…..but still you relish your college life……you undergo pressure from everyone to get settled in life……marriage, money, property, work……it seems life is running faster than ever…
4 years of graduation seems like an era….a life time, and now, how 4 years spent so fast, it’s like yesterday I joined my job, but it doesn’t excite me anymore. College life was much better than this life. At that time may be I didn’t have much money to buy high range branded accessories, and I dreamt of time when I will have job and buy what I want, but now this things seem very unimportant, invaluable,. I am fed up with myself. This f**king Job. This f**king place.
is it i aspired for??? and i am still searching the answers....!!

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