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Saturday, 12 November 2016

who I love the most and who is in need of my love the most???


I asked, "who I love the most and who is in need of my love the most?"

He replied,"You".

"Yes You", he smiled.
Then he closed his eyes.

I waited patiently, confused, seemingly disappointed by his answer, contemplating the explanation of his answer.
Finally I broke, "Everyone loves himself and how he himself is in need of love the most?"

He laughed, a childlike simplicity and smile on his face.
"without loving yourself, you can't love any one truly. You need love of yourself the most. 
You need to accept yourself. 
You need to love yourself unconditionally. 
Then only you can do justice with the others. 
Then only you can love others unconditionally. Because love is not the give and take. 
If that is then that is not Love, 
That is something else. 
When you love yourself or know how to love yourself, you learn how to love unconditionally and that is the first and the last condition of Love, love without any condition and any expectation".

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