lost soul 2

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hello world!!!! I still survive !

When all the hope is lost,
and you feel lonely almost,
what do you expect from life,
from you...from the world,
where y r struggling just to survive????
no answer!!!
i ask myself!
no answer still..!
what do i want???
when i will be happy and alive again??
no answer...!!!!
i am dead?
i checked my heart,
it beats,
no I m not,
Am i alive?
No,I am not,
I ask question again  from myself,
why, why i am not alive?
tell me why i m not alive,
Bcoz i am just living without life,
Bccoz neither i laugh, nor i cry,
Bcoz neither i tell truth, nor a lie,
Bcoz i am just watching, wots going around me mindlessly,
bcoz I m just doing, what i wud never wished to do ever,
Bcoz i m just wandering alone in night purposelessly,
Bcoz i love silence, who was  not a friend of mine ever.
Still I do.
still I do it again n again,
This shows, i hv still left inside me,
i amused,
still i can resists and fight for me,
i laughed,
I am not dead, i m alive without life,

it is said somewhere!
there is a rebirth after a death!
there comes a new life, when someone dies!
there comes a new morning, when a dark night comes! 
but very few are able to survive.
 n go ahead in that dark night alone,
to see the refreshing new morning!
to feel the hapiness after the sorrow of someone lost........!
To forget the  horrible dark and welcome the newly rise Sun....!
to fly on the horses of time and ride on it up n down.....!
Very Few....and they are wot u can call Alive,
others just become statue...or dead alive!

this is just a journey to rediscover myself....!
To know myself better.
and a Lost Soul finally found his way to redemption
to the truth...to the peace...to the real hapiness...to the meaning of life.....!

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