lost soul 2

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Hope is again the best thing and i hope i will meet her someday.

A person sees a lot of dreams while sleeping and he forgot most of them when he awakes. It’s a normal process. It is said that during sleep, those desires and wishes, that don’t come to reality, come in dream and get fulfilled and mind becomes free from that desire and its burden.  This is as theory say.
But something strange happened with me last night and made me compelled so much, that I am unable to forget them and began to pen down them.  Whole night the same dream, and when I got up, still it is hovering in my thoughts. I am trying hard, to get exactly, but it’s going complicated. 

I am trying hard to remember her face, but it’s like there is some rule in dreams, that you will not remember the face of those persons, who you don’t know in real life.  May be in future, there would be a chance to meet her, may be in future she will come in my life, but dreams never come true, they only give false hope and only fools believe them. But I want to be that fool and wish it would come true. Though I was running, I was fighting, I was struggling, I want that dream to come again, if not in real then at least in dream again and next time, I will keep her face locked down in memory and will not it fade away, when I gain my senses. But how hard I try, sleep is miles away from mind, and she is away, far far away. Crave for that dream, to get to see her again, it’s what is called madness, but I want to be that mad.
I slept last night after two days, a sudden necessary work kept me busy for two days that there was not even time for sleep or eat. Finally that work finished and I came to my bed and fall down. Within minutes, my eyes closed and I was in another world. These days sleep of also one of the precious things, which a man can’t buy, however money he has.
I dreamt about someone and she was part of my life in such a way that I am surprized even after waking up. She is someone, I don’t know, or probably seen in reality, because If I have, I bet, I wouldn’t let her go from my life. i couldn’t remember her face and not able to forget her in totality.
She is or was, whatever it is, may be my dream girl, she is beautiful, much more beautiful, but that was not a smooth, perfect, pleasant dream, where everything goes right. That dream seems so real, because in real life everything is not perfect and pleasant one and in real life we come across many hurdles and problems. She doesn’t look familiar to any other girl, I have seen in life, but still I am craving for her. This seems quite strange and unusual, and I couldn’t explain it.
Her eyes, her smile, part part wise, she comes in my thoughts, but when I try to complete her as a whole, she disappears.   
I am feeling sad, starved and exhausted.  I am not able to write any more, why I don’t know. May be I will complete it, I don’t know. But i will only she meets me again. i am quite adamant, mad, foolish, but this is the way i am and i can't help it.

To be continued…if she come again may be in dreams or in real life. Hope is again the best thing.

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