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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Crimes against women are on the rise with every passing day. What do you feel should be done?

“Crimes against women are on the rise with every passing day. What do you feel should be done? “

A very sensitive and concerning topic which led me to express my thoughts and some solutions from my point of view.

A flashback, some 15-16 years ago, when I was a kid, watching cartoon on DD-1.
 It was about a typical Indian village house of a Man, his wife, son, daughter, grandmother and their parrot. They are taking dinner and boy gets milk, eggs, but his sister doesn’t. She complains, why his brothers has egg and milk and she hasn’t. And a straight answer from her grandmother: bcoz he is a boy and she becomes silent.
Another episode:
School master comes to their home and request them to send their son and daughter in school nearby.  When the girl begins to ready for her school, his father says, you don’t need to go to school.
She asks why his brother can go and he doesn’t.
His father replies: in future he has to do much greater work than you. You have to take care of house only in future. and she again becomes silent.
But after all it’s a tv series and it should end in happy ending and in another episodes, she gets all her rights equal to her brother. she goes to school, gets equal food and comfort as her brother serial ends.
 Does this story at a typical indian home ends like, it ended in TV?
Don’t you think this story sends something very intriguing and critical message??? 
Yes, it is. 
It tells that ignorance and crime against women starts at home. And she is taught that she is not equal to her brothers and deep down in her mind, this stays for the life time that girls are not equal to boys. 

Isn’t it a crime??? 

May be situation these days have changed. But in village this thought still prevails.Mind set of people are still the same.
Now after fighting over equal rights, she comes in contact with outer world. 
She is 10-12 years old kid and don’t know the difference in good and bad intention, and no one teaches her about it till some very known person abuses her mentally or physically. 
She cann't say it to any one and if she says, his parents tell her, not to reveal it to anybody else again, and she thinks, why she has to be silent? 
A cruel reality, no one wants to discuss and no solution at all. 
Most of the abuses and rapes were done by persons, very close and known to the victim.
She keeps her dark secret inside her, and competes with the world, always bias against her, she somehow gets a good education and a good job, but still her problems are not finished. 
Her parents have to give dowry for her marriage and if they don’t give enough to fullfill her in laws greed, she may be tortured and burnt by her in-laws.  

Very common stories, aren't they?? Abuse, rape, burning of women, and many other crimes.
open any newspaper and you will get to know that most spaces are filled with them.

A critical question arises: who Is responsible for these crime against women??? And why these crimes are rising every days?

Government, who doesn’t make strong laws?
Or Police, who doesn’t take strict actions?
Or Some Politicians, who passes wrong comments and prove guilty to the women itself?
Or some religious leaders, who blames the western culture?
Or some village panchayat, who give decision to nude and torture a woman for false allegation about being a witch??
Or some mad people, who kills a couple for breaking the caste system and marrying outside their caste and religion???

Where is the main problem, the main cause of all these?
It is hard to swallow the answer.
Yes, you are responsible, I am responsible, and we all are responsible, our patriarchal society is responsible. Because deep down in our mind, we have an opinion that women are not equal to men and we don’t take it seriously until it happens with our close ones.

Some old news: Politician in parliament house, make some comments like following some girl and teasing her should not be categorized as as serious crime, its start of love. 
Is it? Think from prospective of that girl, who feels offended as someone makes abusing comments on her.  But it’s not their fault. They represent a common Indian male, who thinks a woman as thing for pleasure, a toy, use and break it. It may be sound very harsh and cruel but those comments indicates only these facts.
It’s quite strange and disappointing fact  that in India, a country where we worships goddess like Durga, Laxmi, Sarsavti every day to get fortune, strength, wealth and knowledge, but we crush woman at home, at workplace, at everywhere we found ‘em.
Solution lies in overall change in mind-set of all people, whether they are politician, police, religious leaders or a common man like you and me. Laws and punishments are not enough to stop a crime.
It doesn't  need a revolution, a new era, a new world, where there will be zero crime against women. It needs a honest and sincere effort from all of us. 
Let’s join hand and take oath that we will never indulge in any crime against women, however small it is, wherever it is, then only a new morning  will arise.
Some oaths and prayers I heard during childhood, who explain very well:
Means Change ourselves then only world will change.
Let’s start that change in ourselves.

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