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Monday, 22 September 2014

Donate without desire of getting something in return.

Donation or charity can never be bad, until your intentions are really bad..!

Even our our holy books also say the same:  "भलाई  कर और भूल जा "

"Do good and forget it."

This is the most important point.

You are doing good, you are making charity, you are donating something, but you shouldn't have any expectation to get something in return, even desire of respect, feeling of proud, getting publicity, or getting Punya, getting heaven are expected, then that donation is not donation, that is business...!

In our religion, it is said that: " गुप्त दान , महा दान "
"donation should not be made public, and don't remember it".
Neither should you want something in return, nor the acceptor of donation is capable  of returning it back.

We can make Donation as many ways as we can like:
  1.  we can give some very needy person, like very old, sick persons, instant help in form of money, clothes, medicines, or other useful things, which can save his/her life.
  2. we can  give your mental contribution, like put some time for teaching youngsters, who are not having education, teaching adults some professional skills, which will help them to earn money.
  3. Sometimes natural disasters create very much turbulence and havoc, so we should come forward and donate as much as we can afford, so that they can return to normal life.
  4. we can donate Blood, which can save some one life..! 
  5. we can donate our body parts, after we leave the world, so some very needy person can live a normal, healthy life. 
  6. Even you are not having any of these, spread love, spread happiness, help some one sad with your kind,assuring words, that is also a charity, a donation.
In short, it doesn't matter what we are giving to someone, how selfless we are doing it, that matters the most, and that selfless act can never be repaid back, with the whole treasure of the world. 

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