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Monday, 27 October 2014

7 days memoir of a school going kid - part-I

Today is most horrible day of mine, when I am devastated by news of 7-8 days outage of electricity at my area. 4 hrs and my laptop and mobile all said bye to me. I felt hopelessness, anger, frustration all at the same time.
I saw below the table leg: 8 coffee mugs in total, all in same colour and design, my favourite mug, Mom must has to purchase one per every week, as I demanded coffee in my “mug” only.
I feel free, lightheaded, and something very unusual, it’s like a bee has stopped buzzing, my fingers were missing key board of my laptop very much. My ears were eager to listen notification sign of whatsapp and facebook. My eyes were crying to watch television.
God must have been angry to me, how I would survive for 7-8 days, I wondered.
Not having any option, I have to come out of my technological lair: full of strange objects, some lost, some modified, some hidden beneath others.
I felt a sudden hunger, oh! It’s already 1:30 pm. I went to dining table and sat there to eat lunch. My mom was happily surprised to see me eating, serving me food, as I used to eat in my room, watching tv series. She very lovingly fed me and today I ate 2 more rotis. Then she started to eat and as I have nothing to do, thanks to Dear God for so much havoc, I sat beside her, and we began to talk. I felt unusual, talking to a real person instead of talking on whatsapp or Facebook. It’s so tough, talking face to face, where you can’t hide your real intention, where you can’t pretend to something else, where it’s tough to lie. But I liked to talk to mom. She is a nice person at all.
I went inside my room after dinner, and slept till evening, when my mom called me.
A Birthday party in my neighborhood, I don’t remember when I attended any birthday party in real, how people gather at one place, so crowded, make so much noises, eats together. I used to wish all my friends on facebook only. But somehow I agreed and went there. I am amused to see people I there, come on! I am also social, I never miss a chance to comment or like any activity on facebook.
I wished Rahul happy birthday, ate cake, eat dinner there and whoa! Sang Happy birthday song too…!
It was kinda felt strange or happily strange.
Being the month of summer, sleeping in room, is tough.
I went to roof to sleep there. Two bedsheets, one pillow and I was ready to sleep, I prepared my bed. It was fool moon night and I laid and saw the sky. Cool air was flowing. I felt uneasy sleeping in so much open space, watching moon, clouds and tree branch hanging on the roof of my house.
I don’t remember, when I slept, but my problems were not going to end so soon.
It’s still dark, when I rose from deep sleep, birds were chirping at this odd 4:30 am, come on, don’t they have something to do besides chirping, they must hate sleep. I rose and decided to go to walk, as I was unable to sleep again.
It’s a beautiful world, morning seems so different, same locality, same place, but a bit different. I was amazed. I breathed cool soothing air, and went to the park and sat there for the first time and watched the sun rising, red big sun. How he managed to do the same thing every day. World is so disciplined.
I came back, and ate breakfast with my mom and dad. They were smiling, they seems to be enjoying the electricity cut out. Even my younger sister barely 6 yr old is excited to be with me….!
She hugged me and kissed me on my cheek and sat on my lap. She seems sweeter than the favorite tv series baby girl. I smiled at my so much revelation of truth with in just 1-2 days’ time.
As my school is over due to summer vacation, there is no haste to go to school, so I went to play ground to show my skills at cricket, yes I am champion of all games, of course online games, but field game is similar. I took bat and whoa, 4 ball and I am out, here playing is different, I felt so much tired so soon, I was sweating, then I felt good.

To be continued…!

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