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Monday, 27 October 2014

I, childhood & Sparrows dancing, flying, chirping everywhere

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This is all about the time when i was a kid, more exactly a school going kid....and the locality i am describing was a small village market along with temporary bus stand surrounded by lots of neem, pipal and other trees, where every Tuesday & Friday there was gathering of villagers, shopkeepers, buyers in form of haat for sell n purchase of crops, vegetables and other household items under the shades of trees. this haat was rich resource of food for many common birds including sparrows and there were plenty of trees for making nests. early in the morning, when i used to go for a walk, i have seen flock of sparrows  jumping, dancing, collecting food grains from the haat, and i used to go near slowly slowly, to catch one of them....but as soon as i go near them....all of them fly to nearest trees and chirp nonstop....as a kid i was fascinated to them...to their sweet voice and often wonder why their voice is so sweet n not mine n used to copy them chirping...a very beautiful scene is to see a flock of sparrows flying high in the sky in evening time....this was the time when around 30-40 sparrows were present in my home or near my home on tree as resident and i used to go to rooftop of my home with handfuls of grains in my little hand and keep it there and then watching sparrows eating at my roof....chirping.....jumping..dancing, flying....some taking food grains in their little beak and to their nest laying on the visible branch of tree near my home to feed their younger ones. at that time practically there was no need for any alarm clock....i used to rise in the morning due to sweet chirping song by them.....i used to ask my mother..why they chirp and collect food even on Sunday..there sud b holiday for them also.....and my mother used to smile at my silly questions hard to answer. it was a fun time to sit on the roof of my home and watching pair of sparrow collecting straws of grass from nearby fields for making their nest on the nearby tree whose branches were over my home....!!

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