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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

DAY 4 & 5 - Vipassana meditation - part- IV

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experience about A 7 days experiment to stay away from all modern gadgets and apps like mobile, laptop-computers, internet, social networking, E-games and how you spent that time? with family? traveled? meditated, anything you experienced. #7dayexperiment

from 2nd september to 12 September 2014, I attended Vipaasana meditation,a 10 days residential meditation program. it was the best and the hardest ten days of my life.

 Vipassana originates in India from the teachings of the Buddha more than 2,500 years ago. Over the years it has been diluted and modified in other parts of the world, but has  been practiced in its pure form in Myanmar. The Myanmar version as taught by Sri  S.N. Goenka,  has spread globally in recent years thanks to the positive results reported from the practice and its easy accessibility. It’s open to people of all races and religions and provided on a donation basis. it requires some tough rule and regulations and being away from all modern gadget, books, even speaking is not allowed is one of them.

So I put this idea for Indispire and it got selected. Now I have to write  all about it.


DAY 4 :

Nothing to read, nothing to write, no one to talk, but this noble silence led me to something, which i never did before.
That is watching all around me sharply, like watching the beauty of the spider web, and the dew drop over it near my room after breakfast in the morning.  
I noticed it was different everyday, as rain in night destroyed the previous one, but the spider has the patience to build it again and again.
I saw Snell moving so slowly, keeping a wet trace on concrete road and red ants in a line from some nearby tree to their home hidden under some bush and birds on lager trees.
I was nothing to do in spare time, so watching these natural activities seemed so pleasant.
may be i learned a thing or two from all of them, and not theoretical, but in practical sense. if we notice, the world and every single thing of world is our teacher, and we can learn from any one.
we just need to keep our eye open, and the motive to listen, the motive to learn, the motive to be humble is necessary.

Day 4 started and I was happy, eager about Vipassana Day.

Today was different, new meditation will be taught to us. But in the morning same instruction were given and we practiced the same patiently and calmly.

During breakfast, at notice board something was written: it says, Vipassana will be given in the afternoon session and it is mandatory for all to be present for the introduction of this technique. 
The technique was not tough, as I have assumed. It was simple, and we were instructed to move our awareness from our moustache area to our head and feel the sensation in that part of body and moving it to lower parts slowly and gradually, through every single and small part of body, from head to feet slowly, slowly, watching every little and big sensations, observing every sensations through our body objectively, without any desire or aversion towards them.
And Guruji added a new practice: “Mediation of strong determination, for three hours (One hour each) in day, we were instructed to stay still, not changing posture, not opening eyes, not even moving body. 
It was tough, and within  20 minutes, I was having strong urge to change my posture, some itching on my left arm was growing intense, my leg was paining.

 if it is Vipassana mediation then it is tough, and practicing this for remaining 6 days seems like eternity.
But there was beauty about this course, we don’t only do theory or practical, we do both, and evening discourse was the theory, explanation of all, what we do whole day and why, and it has all answers of my questions. So at the discourse in the evening, Guruji told the reason behind it.
We are experiencing pain, but only to make it disappear, we are in the process of ignoring and make our self at peace, that this physical pain is not going to reside forever, it will disappear now and then, and we have to calm in every situation. He said, this pain will subside, and you will able to sit for hours, just have patience. See the pain, but don’t judge it, see it objectively. The pain is also a sensation, but not a pleasant one, but we shouldn’t have an aversion towards it, neither a craving for good sensations, both are bound to cease after some time. Nothing is permanent. 
And he told it as a theory like:
We have five sensory and one cognition as our sis senses, and we perceives something through them and we identify and judge that thing and according to our judgement we feel physical sensations, some positive and some negative ones and develops craving or aversion towards them. And both aversion and craving are two face of same coin and both makes our mind at unrest. So Vipassana teaches us to become aware of our sensation and knowing craving and aversion, and observe them objectively, then only we will break the loop of aversion and craving, and we will finally find ultimate goal of life, and it starts from here only.
So being steady for one hour through strong determination has its significance. It’s like during that time, lots of physical sensation both pleasant and unpleasant one are born and the cease, and if we are able to observe them objectively, maintaining perfect equanimity, and if it would be included in our day to  day life, then facing the day to day life and its problem would be so easy.
You feel your negative and positive sensations, you witness them, but objectively and maintain perfect calmness of mind, and this shall too pass so why aversion or craving for this. Just observe, observe.
This answered many questions raised in my mind.
I came back in my room and at my bed, I analyzed today.
At first, my head area was blind, I didn’t feel any sensation in my head, but Guruji was there, encouraging, don’t worry, if you don’t feel any sensation, hold, wait there for any sensation, even perspiration, and if you don’t find any move on, don’t have any sorrow, move it and I was moving from head to feet, observing STHUL and subtle sensation throughout my body. And I experienced a current of nice vibration all over my skin, my body, where ever I was moving, but Guruji was telling, again don’t have craving for them, don’t get attracted towards them, they are also not permanent, they will cease also, so see them objectively. But it was tough, not to have craving for them. He was telling, don’t start playing the game of sensation.
 I felt good and tried to sleep.

DAY 5 :

Today we were instructed to observe from head to feet and then feet to head, and then not by part by part but as a whole in continuous manner. And travel trough out the body. 

I was able to do it, and I traveled from head to feet and feet to head, and pleasant vibration flowed all over the skin of mine continuously. 
It was nice to understand that my mind was not only following my orders, but have become subtle enough to experience all this, he doesn’t run away, like it was before. And some distraction came in way, they come every day, it’s another matter, they come now for small time and I am able to put my mind away from them. 
The pain in my leg has subsided, and today I was able to sit still without any effort. 
It seems easy and pleasant.
After discourse, we came back to our room, and I observe today, and was quite happy and satisfied.

I took a deep breath, and closed my eyes to sleep.

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To be continued..! 

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