lost soul 2

Friday, 31 October 2014

Poem: 100 words: 5 lines: why i worship God !!!

God, I searched you, bribed you, chanted you again and again, 
                                              to make my wishes true, and to fulfil my desires.

God, I made you different in different colour, different race, and different religion,

                                          to suit my imaginations, and to suit my arguments.

God, I worshipped you, announcing the world, I too am a holy, spiritual person,

                                                        to coverup my deeds, and to hide my sins.

God, I speak you, as I needed a name,

                                                 to fight other religion, to torture other humans.

And you thought, I loved you, respect you, admired you,

                                               worshipped you, without the above said reasons.

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