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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I am dustbin..!!!!

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                                                                     I am dustbin. 
Not very special, not very distinguishable, not some debatable, just your common dustbin laying around many places. I too a citizen of India, ok, I am not alive, but in such a great democratic country like India, I too have right to stay, stand, wherever I want, and say, whatever I want. So, I am here just near the park of your colony, standing guard, silently, bravely, putting myself in great danger of being perished due to rain, sun and all about.
Yes! You are right. I should not have to complain. After all I am made for all this, to contain all the wastage you produce, rough papers, plastic, fruits waste, used condoms, kitchen wastes, and so and so on. you can't even imagine how much type of waste, I have to welcome, and their scent, Oh God!!
Do I say more?
So where was I?
I was talking about my work, my great work! I am a social worker, doing very good work for saving humanity from lot of diseases.
People keep clean and cleaner their home and put all their influences inside me. And I welcome them all, no complain, never.
Then I saw, I thought, I brainstormed and something stroked my mind.
Here no one wanted to do his work efficiently, and they are in much haste.
I noticed, the amount of waste laying around me is much larger than inside me. Some people are mature enough to just drop their waste in front of their home in the street. Some are little less mature to come to me and maintain a distance of 5 meter from me, and throw it right on my face, it doesn’t come inside me, it just fall around me.
Then some are lesser mature, who come near me, and put all their waste inside me. I feel very angry from them. Why to keep it inside me. Drop them on ground, or in their street. After all I am also in this country where no one want to do his work, why would I?
When I see the waste laying around me, I feel that are to be my kingdom, and those waste laying like my followers, and I am whole king like figure, people are running away from me, feared. I feel stronger, strongest at that moment.
Then came Modi Sarkar, and it created a Savachch Bharat abhiyan, and I saw my area, my kingdom being encroached by cleanliness, people use to put waste directly inside me, and roads and street are cleaner from earlier days. But I still have faith!
Old habits hardly go!!!
They will soon forget about this mission, as the memory of public is too weak. I am waiting for those golden days of mine!!!!

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