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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Two strangers- Part-I

IMAGE SOURCE : http://www.google.co.in/imgres?imgurl=http://sagita.rocks/images/285142-teen-girl-crying.jpg&imgrefurl=http://sagita.rocks/285155-girl-crying-alone&h=465&w=468&tbnid=W-YP2u9Fxud8nM:&zoom=1&docid=XpI_4rOnQcySGM&ei=v9kJVayLPMaNuATW-IDgCg&tbm=isch&ved=0CFcQMyhPME84ZA

She is crying. She is sobbing. Her parents try to pamper her. She hugs her mother tight, tight, tighter. Another girl, she has also tear in her eyes. 

IMAGE SOURCE: http://wallpapers-diq.org/wallpapers/21/Artistic_Portrait_of_Beautiful_Girl_Crying.jpg

Two families and two girls, they are not girls, they are beautiful young ladies, must be in their 22-23, and they are crying, sobbing, weeping hard. 
IMAGE SOURCE: http://i952.photobucket.com/albums/ae1/Tearfallz/crying-girl-1.gif

Train is about to start. 
Their parents hug them. 
They leave. 
I feel much uneasy. I hate tears at all. I hate them on me as well as on others. They reminds me of the days, when I was weak, so weak emotionally, I used to cry alone in my room, closed room, behind doors, I shouldn’t, a man has to be strong, he shouldn’t cry, but I used to, when I was vulnerable.

I think of asking these young ladies, why they are crying so much. Specially the 2nd one, deep eyes, filled with tear, and they are falling nonstop.  I think of, but I shouldn’t. I look into her eyes. Our eyes met, but she doesn’t care, if other passenger are watching her or not. I feel much stressed. I cursed myself for switching my seat with an old man, leaving my lower birth in another compartment.
Train begins to run fast, fast, faster. Her cries are lost in the noise of the train. But she is still crying. I feel suffocated. I can’t see anyone crying. 
The happiness, the eagerness to attend my IIM-Lucknow interview call is about to fade in the current situation. 
I open my laptop. I read today’s The Hindu newspaper. But my mind is not on the paper. I steal a look towards her. I look from the corner of my eyes. Her tears have made a trails on her beautiful face. Her eyes looks like she has just done kajal on them. But it is not kajal, it is her tears, which cause her eyes to look like covered with kajal. At least she is not crying anymore so loudly. 
I feel relieved.

To be continued.

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