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Friday, 8 May 2015

Book Review: TMS: That’s My Story by Vinay Mashalkar


Author: Vinay Mashalkar
Price: Rs. 145/-

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd 
Genre: Romance
ISBN- 9789384226442

Falling in love is a beautiful feeling. There is
an enigma in that feeling, which can take a person to a different
world. So many things have been said and written about love, but it
still has a mystic charm that attracts people to read more love
stories. That’s My Story is one such simple, but beautiful love story
of an IT guy named Vikram who works in Bangalore. It talks about his
job, his friendship, his booze parties, his frivolous lifestyle and,
above all, his love and the emotions that a person goes through when
he falls in love. It's a beautiful journey of friendship, love,
breakup, destruction, recovery and miracles. Read this book and walk
the path of this beautiful journey with Vikram, Meghna, and Aditi.

My Views:

This is the first novel of debut author Vinay Mashalkar, who has
presented beautiful love story of a young IT guy named Vikram, his life
journey covering events from final year job interview, selection in
placement, partying after that, doing job in Bangalore, and usual life
of a IT guys, job, party and all.

Then one rainy day, standing on his balcony, he sees a girl named
Meghna, struggling to kick start her scooty. And our protagonist falls
in love with her in first sight. she leave and he do nothing at that
time. but he has a secret wish to meet her. he misses her very much
and when ever he sees a red scooty, it reminds him of her and wish he
could see her again.

But she is lost, some where in this world. Having no information about
her, how can he find her, he yearns for her. 

Again she comes in front of him after one year and then he is
determined to do anything for her and they fall in love finally.

what can a person wish for?

But life is not simple as we think.

Different caste issue leads to their separation,  after that he self
destructs himeslef through alcohol abuse.

But then enter another girl Aditi, ideal girl, with help of her, he
recovers, about to spend his whole life with Aditi, when again Meghna
enters in his life.

who he will choose? where the story will end?

To know further, go and read this book for one time light entertainment.

Language: Simple, easy to read, lovely story
Story Line: Almost predictable, more description needed,  littler bit
slow pace at start but after middle it gains momentum.

Editing: more editing required. Nice effort though of first time
author to present his story in simple manner.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Over all you can read this book in one go, and will feel like a story
and characters from our real life, and will connect easily with them. 

Read it for one time in light mood, mostly for youngsters.

This book has been requested and received from author Vinay Mashalkar,
for exchange of honest review.

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