lost soul 2

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Yes! i left it unfinished...!

Getting disappointment in whatever endeavor u did hearty,
Can make a person really angry and weak.
but is only destination is the ultimate goal?
And the journey doesn't matter after all?
Is the result decide, whether hard work we did or not?

I did.
I tried.
I failed.
I cried.

I searched the reason.
why I couldn't make it.
and I find no one.
Not a single MBA call converted.

may be I have to cool down.
may be I have to make up my mind.
may be I have to slow down.
may be I have to let it go.

Too much sorrow.
Too much disappointment.
Too much anger.
Too much frustration.

But then what? what to do?
Can i change my fate?
Can i change my result?
Can i hide the fact that i am not selected.

Even writing this out can't make me chill.
I have to accept that i am rejected.
There wud be some fault.
There wud be better candidate than me.

Life doesn't give us always,
what we want.
We have to be content with,
what ever we got.

May be sometimes we have to be behind every one,
to start a fresh new race,
May be we have to accept defeat,
to get some other major win.

Life is not always happy ending story to tell,
Life is not always poem to sing,
Life is not always game to play,
But who has taken all with him, after he left?

I wish, i wud think much better than this,
I wish, i had patience not to write so frustrated lines,'
I wish, i have hope to cope up with my failures,
I wish, i have ......but i don't.

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