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Monday, 14 November 2016

Black Hole...!


Frustration, anger and hopelessness is consuming my life. I am stuck, stuck, life has become stagnated.

I see, people are going ahead in life, but i am like the second needle of wall clock stuck, trying to move, but it doesn't get ahead.

Something is wrong with me or situations are wrong. I try hard, had, harder, but somehow, all my efforts are getting in vein.

I don't want everything from my life but at least kuch  to mile, jiske liye main apna full effort de rha hu.

Some times I think, all is written, Some one is playing  and messing up with our life, we are all toys, actors of his play, like he knows what will be outcome, but we don't.

All my dreams are shattering like broken glass. why, where was my fault? I try to find, but I find none.
Pessimism has become my natural tendency, I don't find excitement in my life any more.


Life has become a black hole, like I am bored to hell.

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