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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Basic needs of a typical indian...!!!

I remember some lines of an unknown poet: “Subah hoti hai , saam hoti h; Jindai yu hi tamam hoti”.
I never thought deeply about the meaning of those lines, why someone wrote like this. But now in this transition phase of life, I think I begin to understand meaning of those. Going to office and coming back and don’t know how whole day passes so quickly. Even week passes so fast and I only remember one day that is Sunday. It’s my day, when I can do what I want. Sometime whole Sunday I sleep, even I don’t go to take breakfast or lunch. Sometime whole day I spent time on my laptop, watching movies. Sometime I don’t even know, how to kill Sunday.
“Interesting, satisfying, good Job”
It’s very unrelated and manipulative term: Good Job.
People say: No one like his/her job. No job is exciting and challenging enough to keep you engaged for a long time. Sometime I think I have become cut-off from the fast dynamic running world.  Spending your life in some remote village type area, where networks of most reliable companies doesn’t guarantee you that you will have undisrupted call, forget about getting good internet broadband connection. Even how much time you will spent on internet and laptop. Life has become so dull, where you can’t get even basic facilities of life, don’t get confused about basic facilities.
You are right “ROTI, KAPDA AUR MAKAN”. That’s it.
Eating food in a mess, that prepares really messy food, it’s hard to recognise, which vegetable is in the curry and which are not. And taste, after eating food at mess from previous 2-3 years, I think my taste buds have forgot their functioning. They just sleep somewhere, when I eat. There is not their fault. Any day, any time the taste of food is same, going to mess to have food is included in duty. A forced ascetic life, away from all worldly pleasures. Sometime I feel, I am very hungry but as soon as I go to mess, and eat one or two bite, the kind of food they prepare, I feel I can’t eat anymore. There is also no any chance to have any alternatives. Outside living area, at the distance of 1 km, lies a very small market, where you can get only samosas, fried in oil that is how many days old, even shopkeeper can’t tell you. In college days, I used to think, money can buy anything, but It’s wrong. When you are staying at a very remote place, even you can’t buy a good food, no to think about other luxury.
2-3 shops of clothes, and they don’t have any branded materials. It’s again no choice. Either go to some nearby town 4-5 hrs away and buy from there. Again my sense of clothing has declined. It’s like I wear anything just to fulfil the requirement of body for clothes.
Buildings are old but how much old, don’t know. Plasters of walls fall any day any time, from walls, from roof top.  Damp rooms, moist racks. It fulfils only purpose of having a roof above your head, and people are fighting for those also, as there is scarcity of those quarters also.

Was this I aspired for?? No..never, but I think in positive way and then I get amused at my thought. Atleast I have basics: “Roti, Kapda aur Makan” in India, where most of junta spent their life in pursuit of these things only, forget about other needs and taste of life. I am quite better than those people. I am fortunate enough. Then I sarcastically laugh at my new found truth and begin to pen down these realities of my life.

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