lost soul 2

Monday, 11 August 2014


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Thud, and I fall,
And lose my consciousness,
Love, Hate, pain, and anger,
These Emotions don’t bother anymore.
A sudden numbness defeated them all,
And I see, the world and people in slow motion.

U left, why, without a single reason,
And never explained,
What and when I did something wrong,
And the soft string of our relationship,
Broke without a sound,
I tried, I tried hard to make it like before,
But u were never agreed to make it rework,
Giving me unsaid, unforgettable punishments.

I would come behind u,
Anywhere on the earth,
Seven seas, sky or heaven,
But still your voice echoes me,
“Leave me alone and Never come back,”
And I hold myself, without saying a single word,
A part of my heart, my mind, my soul,
Or a part of mine dies every single moment,
But you are, or you were never,
Available to watch me over.

u avoided looking, directly in to my eyes,
May be you thought, you would be weaken in your decision,
The day, you left, I cried deep inside my heart,
I tried hard and hard to hide my all tears,
Because I never wanted you to become hurt.

If it, u wanted, to go away from me,
If it, can give you, happiness and joy,’
To leave me, to some other person, to another world,
And I watched you go, without telling me a single reason,
I asked for the last time, please say you love me for once,
And you put the last nail in my dyeing heart,
“No I don’t love you any more…!”
And I my heart bled and bled,
Blood everywhere,
And I wasted my heart, mind and soul.

What was it? Love or something else…!
Still, I find difficult to forget you and mingle with the world,
For them I am just panic,
Manic, melancholic, failed man.
But, I can’t help it,
It is the way I have become…!!

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