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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Empowerment is the real solution......!

At first I would like to thanks the proposer of this wonderful idea for the topic of Indi spire, and yes I would like to express my thoughts on such a good social issue. 
We live in the world, cruel, harsh world, most of the people are busy in running, getting things done as soon as possible, trying to accumulate money, power and all worldly things in life. May be you or me too are included in such category of people. But its not your or mine fault. In such fast changing world, the person who doesn’t put his effort for his own development, will be left behind in the rat race.
You might be thinking, I have deviated from the topic. Have patience. I m not.
My point is if a man is busy in fulfilling his own wishes, what difference between him and animals is. They are even better, as they think for their whole herd. So every person should look back, look below ours, there are lots of ppl may be who are unable to eat two time meal, unable to find two pairs of clothes, unable to find a roof over their head. Doesn’t it our collective responsibility, or doesn’t it the responsibility of the society to uplift the poor or underprivileged class present between us???
Yes it is…..is should be….!
The next question comes how???
The fast ready made solution that comes in our mind, if we feel pity for them, and decided to do something for them, is to make donation to NGOs or do charity like give some donation in temples, give money, clothes and other valuables to beggars or very poor people. 
The second option, not so cheesy one is do empower such people, do something that will enhance their skill sets so that they would be able to make their living with dignity.
The first one seems so easy, and may be donor will quite satisfaction and proud to just distribute it, 
I am not against it, may be some persons would be so needy and unable to do their work, that they may not survive, for such type of people, helping directly is fine, but what about people, who are capable of doing their work. It may increase the habit of begging and depending upon the charity. If a person is habituated to see towards others for help, maybe he is capable, he just need particular skills,  what good he will do for him or society, he will be only become burden on all. My point is it will create more and more beggars. Another example of donation is to give it to some NGO, but the point is , are they using the money in correct way? Most of them are doing the same fast readymade solution. Distributing to people. 
But how many times you can feed a person? Again he will be hungry. How many time you will cover a person, some day he will again need clothes, how many time you will give a person shelter, again he will need another one.
So the first solution can’t be a permanent one, and it may do more bad than good. 

So the steady and slow but effective solution is the second one. Empowerment, skill development. If you teach a poor person a skill that helps him to earn bread for him and his family, he will not need to beg or you will not need to give him again some donation. It will not only solve the problem of poverty, it will add a sense of self respect in that person also. And off course a working person adds his contribution not only in his own development, his family development but overall in country development. If every person tries to do his work according to his skill, that will change the face of the country. Help a child to get education, help an adult to get some professional skills, help a women to understand importance of family education, these works will not give immediate result, but when they give, that will be permanent. 
Even I see, most of the government schemes these days are of same nature, giving money or other things directly, instead of that, if the government plan to enhance the skill sets of every persons, it will help the country achieve new height.    
So instead of giving direct donation, we would try to help a person to gain some good skills or try to empower him/her that may change him not only financially, but also emotionally and socially.  


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