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Friday, 10 October 2014

100 words story : Last wish of unborn daughter of a highly educated family

disclaimer: photo taken from Google search

I was very happy to be born in a family, highly educated, affluent and having modern thoughts.

Till today GrandPa, GrandMa, Papa, Ma, Uncle, Aunt were celebrating arrival of mine, unknown to them that I am a girl.

Then they took Ma to hospital and found that I am a girl.

All became unhappy and sorrowful except for my helpless Ma.

I don’t know, if I will be here tomorrow to talk you again.

“What is my fault, if also I want to see the world, as my brothers do?” 
- Last wishes of unborn daughter of a highly educated family.

Disclaimer: Photo taken from Google searched images. If any one having any objection or copyright violation, please drop me a mail at vikrp21@gmail.com, I will be happy to remove it asap.

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