lost soul 2

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Yes! I am God, and this is my wish, o my dear beloved son!!!!

I am never there in temple, mosque or church,
I am never there in Holy Gita, Bible or Qur'an,
I am never different in any color, caste or religion,
Because i am ever where, o my befuddled son!

I am here to give you, peace and love, for not any reason,
I am bound to share bliss to you, for not any condition,
I was very mindful to create you, for not all of sudden,
Because i was wishful of you, to be equal to me, o dear beloved son!

You turned down my precious gifts, for whatever good your reasons,
Money, power, enmity, soil, blood and flesh,
You got lost in these, my worldly playful creations!
And you ask me to bless you, for your deeds, being so mean!

I never want your faith, your loyalty,
I never want your respect, you admiration,
I want you to be true, be kind, spread love and happiness, o my innocent son!
Yes! I am God, and this is my wish, o my dear beloved son!!!!

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