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Monday, 8 June 2015

Dear God, pl. make her dreams true

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Look, there she is…!

In thoughts…may be lost in somewhere else.

I can’t help but ask her,

What she is thinking?

What her eyes are watching?

But I fear, may be

I will disturb the chain of her thoughts,

May be I will stop the smile on her lovely face,

And I see her, just see her.

I am




Standing there,

Like a statue.

She even doesn’t care about her looks….

She even doesn’t care about her surroundings….

Does she need to care about it?

No, never…!

Bcoz sun is shining due to her glowing face…!

Bcoz air is spreading aroma of her beautiful hairs!

Bcoz surrounding is beautiful due to her blissful presence….!

Bcoz Earth is learning about her simplicity!

Bcoz there is a wonderful glow in her eyes….!

Bcoz there is something magic in her smile……!

Bcoz there is something magnetic in her presence…!

Which attracts me towards her…..!

N make me wish that

God! Whatever the dream she is seeing from her open B’ful eyes…

Please make it true, true as soon as possible.

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